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A geotechnical analysis was done using a semi-quantitative approach to classifying and determining risk for both up and downslope batters along Alexandra Range Road.

An audit of all geotechnical information of the study zone was conducted, using historical records, observations, and available survey data.


The World Heritage Listed Daintree Rainforest covers an area of approximately 1200km2 with more than 50km of ocean frontage.

Cape Tribulation Road runs from the iconic Daintree River ferry crossing and connects to the Bloomfield Track – which starts
approximately 10km south east of Wujal Wujal.

Cape Tribulation Road traverses Mount Alexandra, and is commonly referred to as the Alexandra Range. At its peak, the road reaches an elevation of approximately 200m.

The Alexandra Range is the primary route to reach the highly regarded and environmentally significant tourist destinations at Cow Bay and Cape Tribulation.

Scope of Works

  • To undertake a geotechnical inspection and review of the Alexandra Range sites.
  • To identify a suitable risk assessment framework and methodology for assessing risk at each site.
  • To undertake an evaluation of risk using the accepted methodology and framework for each site.
  • To provide recommendations for further investigation, concept remediation work or actions for each site.
  • To provide a list of recommended actions for consideration and potential future operational and or capital works planning.

Prioritisation of remediation

A summary of the proposed remediation options for each site, and prioritisation of the proposed works has been included in Appendix C.

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