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Anichs Bridge is a single lane, timber bridge with a rail line running longitudinally through the centre of the bridge deck. The bridge is located on Finlayvale Road 1.3 km from Syndicate Road.

The overall structure of Anichs Bridge is poor.  The steel bridge girders and transverse cross braces are significantly corroded, and this has meant reducing the load limit rating to 13 tonnes. This project will see a significant increase in load rating [44T] enabling sugar cane growers to transport cane to the local sugar mill.  Harvesting contractors will be able to safely transport heavy machinery such as cane harvesters, tractors and haulage across the creek.  Tourist buses and coaches will have safer access to the tourism accommodation resort upstream from the bridge.

Douglas Shire Council’s civil works team will be building the new crossing on the same alignment as the current bridge which was the recommendation of the Ecology Report completed in February 2021.

Given the crossing is the only practical access to 14 properties, a bypass constructed upstream will enable vehicles access and egress during construction.

The height of the new crossing will be 2.5 metres, the same as the existing bridge.  The upgrade will not reduce the instance of flooding however, the new structure will be designed to better withstand being inundated and battered with debris. This will speed up the clean-up allowing Anichs Bridge to be re-opened to traffic quicker after disaster events.

The bridge’s useful life will increase from five years to 100 years.

Cost of Project

Detailed design – spent in 2020-21 $80,000
Bridges Renewal Program – construction 2021-22 $440,000
Council’s contribution – construction in 2021-22 $440,000
TOTAL  $960,000

The project is co-funded by Douglas Shire Council and the Australian Government under the Bridges Renewal Program.

Project Updates


Anich’s Bridge is progessing well with handrails in place and backfilling of the approach slabs near completion.


Steel placement on the deck continues on Anich’s Creek Bridge ready for concrete pouring.


Work on the new Anichs Bridge near Mossman has been completed despite a busy sugarcane harvest season and multiple flood events. Read more here.


Installation of the pre-stressed deck units for the bridge will occur on Thursday 25 November 2021. Cranes will be on site from 6am, manoeuvring deck units across the road and into place. There will be delays of up to 30 minutes between 6:30am and 4pm.

Traffic controllers will be at the site, to direct vehicles through when it is safe to do so.


Contractors recently installed 10 piles, each 16.5-metres-long and weighing four tonnes, into the ground for the new Anichs Bridge crossing.

The below time-lapse video shows crews recently installing five bridge piles into the river bed. The height of the new crossing will be 2.5 metres, the same as the existing bridge.

The  new structure will be designed to better withstand being inundated and battered with debris.


Two areas of the Mossman River have been selected as part of the Australian Government’s Disaster Relief Funding Arrangement (DRFA) to repair damage done by the monsoon trough event the shire experienced in January and February 2019. The DRFA is joint Commonwealth and State government funding, providing financial assistance to help communities recover from disasters.

One location is about 500 metres upstream from the Foxton Bridge, and the second is near Anich’s Bridge. In both locations, riverbank erosion remediation works will be completed by Neilly Group Engineering in consultation with Terrain NRM.

Ground work was completed earlier this year to identify the condition of the riverbank and the river bed.  The planned works will stabilise and rehabilitate areas adversely impacted by the heavy rainfall experience. The scope of work includes excavation to foundation levels and bank reprofiling, placement of rocks on the river bank and the driving of timber pile fields in the river bed. The rocks and the multiple rows of piles are designed to slow down water flow which will reduce erosion when future weather events occur.  The final part of the project is to replace top soil on all disturbed areas and revegetate by planting 1,100 native trees across the two sites.

Work will commence later this year.


A temporary bypass has been built from large rocks and thick steel pipes. The bypass is now in use and is designed for heavy vehicles up to 44 tonnes. Decommissioning of the existing bridge has commenced.

The piles have been ordered and are in the process of being manufactured. Delivery on site is expected week commencing 6 September and pile driving is scheduled to occur on 13 and 14 September 2021.

Additional Information

Links to relevant reports

Further information is available in the reports below.


For more information or if you have any questions, please contact Council on 07 4099 9444 or email

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