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DOUGLAS fishers will be hooked on a new sustainable fishing promotion to be cast out across the local community next year.

Douglas Shire Council received $15,000 through a partnership between the Australian Government’s Reef Trust and the Great Barrier Reef Foundation to promote sustainable fishing practices.

Anglers will be jigged by educational material designed to reduce over-fishing and create a more resilient aquatic ecosystem in Douglas Shire waterways.

Council’s Sustainability Officer Ada Pasanen said Council would create videos, website information, signage and hold a community workshop to create long-term improvements in the local fishery.

“We want to encourage locals and tourists to fish and boat sustainably to help our fish populations,” she said.

“Our work will also help protect local marine animals by addressing threats to the reef while supporting the Reef 2050 Long Term Sustainability Plan and Queensland Sustainable Fisheries Strategy.”

Great Barrier Reef Foundation Managing Director Anna Marsden said the project added to the more than 60 Reef-saving projects the Foundation is delivering right now with more than 65 partners.

“Every Australian has a role to play in saving this irreplaceable ecosystem, and through these grants we’re bringing together people and science with practical local actions to save our Reef and its marine life,” Ms Marsden said.

“These grants deliver practical, on-ground actions, including everything from promoting sustainable fishing to improving creek habitats and reducing litter and marine debris entering the Reef catchments.”

The Great Barrier Reef Foundation’s Local Action projects are funded by the partnership with the Australian Government’s Reef Trust.

View the Queensland Sustainable Fishing Strategy here.

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