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The project includes design and construction of culvert and pavements upgrades to problematic sections of Cape Tribulation-Bloomfield Road (CTBR). Officers are working towards delivering an upgrade to Panican Creek culvert and pavement upgrades adjacent to Woobadda Creek and Pierce’s Hill.

Douglas Shire Council will undertake minor earthworks, cross road storm water drainage, table drainage design and rigid pavement design to improve the resilience of the northern corridor from Zig Zag Road and Cape Tribulation Road.

Sections of the unsealed roads and culvert crossings are subject to flooding during heavy rainfall events.

The upgrade is expected to improve resilience, increase accessibility for locals and travellers, provide economic benefits for local businesses during construction, and improve access for Traditional Owners. Council also expects the upgrades to reduce the need for yearly repairs during wet season.

Cost of Project


Council has been offered a $3,389.956 contribution in total project costs under the 2019 Betterment Grant from the Category D provision, which is jointly funded by the Commonwealth and Queensland Government under the Disaster Recovery Funding Arrangements.

Project Updates

January, 2022

Contractors will commence the pavement upgrade at the fourth and last section of the Bloomfield Track.

The Track will be closed to all vehicles between 19 January 2022 and will reopen 31 January 2022.

The improvement provides a rigid (concrete) pavement to significantly reduce maintenance over the next three decades. The project will also improve the turnaround time to have Bloomfield Track re-opened post disaster events with Council only needing to remove fallen trees and debris.

December, 2021

Contractors have almost completed the Cape Tribulation-Bloomfield Road portion of the projects being funded under DRFA betterment arrangements. The works have consisted of significant drainage structure improvements, civil earthworks, pavement upgrades and rock protection.

Pavement upgrades have been completed at three of the four significant locations that were previously subject to significant wash outs to the existing temporary (gravel) pavement. One of the well-known locations as depicted in the photos is Pierces Hill, a location containing steep grades (25% or greater).

The improvement provides a rigid (concrete) pavement that will lead to significant maintenance reduction over the next three decades. The project will also improve the turnaround time to have Cape Tribulation and Bloomfield Road trafficable post disaster events with Council only needing to remove fallen trees and debris.

November, 2021

Contractors have completed the causeway at Panican Creek to provide a solid surface and improved drainage. The remaining three locations are scheduled for Practical Completion my mid December 2021.

October, 2021

Contractors are looking to complete the causeway at Panican Creek within the next few weeks.  The work will provide a solid surface and improved drainage.

Construction has also commenced on three other locations on Cape Tribulation Road.

June, 2021

Francis and Kathleen Walker performed a Welcome to Country on Thursday 10 June 2021 and residents, contractors and Douglas Shire Council staff attended.  Site preparation has commenced and crews will be onsite from July 2021.

May, 2021

A tender for a new concrete roadway and culvert upgrade at Zig Zag Rd and Cape Tribulation-Bloomfield Rd has been awarded to Geo Construct Pty Ltd.

APRIL, 2021

Design has been completed and construction tenders have been released. Tenders will close May 2021.


Design is underway.


Douglas Shire Council has been successful in securing $10.3 million under the 2019 Betterment program for improvement works on the Bloomfield Track and Zig Zag Road. The 2019 Betterment program is a joint Australian Government and Queensland Government fund to build back better, more resilient essential public infrastructure damaged by monsoons in early 2019.

Roads will remain open throughout construction, however there will be times when one lane is closed and traffic control will be in place.


For more information or if you have any questions, please contact Council on 4099 9444 or

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