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Update (February 28)

Contractors have drilled more than 75 specialised soil nails into the landslip slope at the Alexandra Range to help stabilize the damaged area.

The emergency repairs are currently underway to prevent further damage where a portion of Cape Tribulation Road broke away during a landslip which occurred on the Australia Day weekend.


Repairs at Alexandra Range


Further geotechnical investigations indicate deeper drilling will be required to strengthen the area which will involve inserting a further 70 soil nails into the slope and spraying the slope with concrete.

Once completed, restoration of the missing road lane will start and until then, the road will be open to one lane only, with delays of up to 15 minutes.

Traffic controllers will remain in place to manage traffic flows. Motorists should note that at times, there will be periods of worker inactivity to let the concrete strengthen.

Council is still aiming to re-open the road to two lanes before Easter, weather permitting. If you need further information, please email and you will receive updates directly.

You are also welcome to call Gaye Scott on 0418 793 009.



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