Access and equity in Douglas is about ensuring equal opportunity and the allocation of resources and services in a fair, consistent and inclusive manner irrespective of an individual’s or group’s cultural or linguistic background, their religion or spiritual beliefs, socio-economic status, gender, age, or abilities.

In simple terms Access and Equity is about removing barriers to open up opportunities for people in their everyday lives!

People with disabilities and mobility issues can and do face many barriers in their regular lives – barriers that limit or can exclude them from participation in community life.

Many of these barriers are created through the design of the environment in which we live and the attitudes we have to disability; barriers which are disabling.

These barriers are not created by the disability the individual may have but by the design of the built environment (e.g. buildings, footpaths, playgrounds) and the attitudes of exclusion that can sometimes consider inclusive design and service provision as expensive, unnecessary or benefits only a small minority group. Inclusive service provision and design benefits everyone.

Council information and support tools

The Access Douglas Directory is a tool developed and maintained by Council to assist people with disabilities, mobility issues, are elderly or frail, and who may live locally or be a visitor to the Douglas region, in finding services and businesses to best meet their accessibility requirements.

For practical ideas and information to make a business more physically accessible for people living with a disability please read Missed Business Guide.