Access to key information is critical leading up to, during and following disaster events. On this page, we have included some important documents and links to useful websites, which can help you to make informed decisions and protect yourself, your family and your home in the event that a disaster affects the local area.

  • Council Resources
  • External Resources
  • Useful Links

Council Resources

Council is committed to educating staff and residents about these natural dangers and has developed a number of resources with various tips on preparing for disaster events.

  • Disaster Dashboard – Council has developed a public-facing platform that acts as a one-stop shop for essential information about the local area in times of disaster. By providing easy access to up-to-date information (e.g. road closures, weather updates, school closures, emergency warnings, etc.), this dashboard provides situational awareness to the general community
  • Household Emergency Plan Template – This template will assist you and your family in determining what you will do and where you will go if you are required to evacuate in the event of a disaster or emergency.
  • Emergency Kit Checklist – This checklist provides tips for what to include in your emergency kit to ensure you, your family and pets have enough supplies to last at least three (3) days without assistance.
  • Pets in Cyclones Fact Sheet – This fact sheet provides tips for including pets in your family emergency plans, as well as considerations for a pet disaster kit.
  • Tsunami Evacuation Guide – This guide will assist you in determining if your property is at risk of inundation from a tsunami and if evacuation to higher ground is required.
  • Get Ready for Cyclones Activity Book – This booklet is designed as an easy-to-read and interactive guide for people who have complex communication needs or intellectual disability.
  • Disaster Information Video Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Version This educational brochure complements the Disaster information video and communicates with Indigenous communities through the use of illustrations and plain English.
  • Disaster Information VideoMigrant Version – This educational video is designed to assist migrant communities to better prepare for cyclone season.
  • Food Safety for Residents – Food that has come in contact with contaminated flood or storm water or that has not been refrigerated for a long period of time can be a risk for you and your family following a disaster. It is important that you take action to prevent your family from becoming ill. This information sheet provides advice on how you can minimise the risk of food contamination after a disaster.