The Valuer-General provides statutory land valuations for all rateable properties in Queensland in accordance with the Land Valuation Act 2010.

Valuations are issued annually across the state, except in unusual circumstances or where the Valuer-General, after consultation with local government and industry groups, determines there has been insufficient market movement in a local government area to warrant an annual valuation.

Annual land values are assessed as at 1 October, with notices issued before 31 March of the following year. The new valuations take effect for local government rating or state land tax purposes (where applicable) on 30 June in the year the notice is issued.

If land needs to be revalued between annual valuations (e.g. because of rezoning or subdivision) a maintenance valuation notice will be issued. The new valuation takes effect on the date shown on the notice.

For further information regarding property titles and land valuations, click HERE.

Should you wish to object to your valuation, or have any query regarding the land valuation, its calculation or land use, please contact the Department of  Resources.