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Council is on the lookout for staff to dive in and operate a 50-metre swimming pool in Mossman.

From September 1, the Mossman Pool will be closed due to the early departure of the current operators, who are leaving after more than 14 years managing the site.

The caravan park will remain OPEN during this period.

Council is searching for staff to operate the pool until Council undertakes a competitive tender process.

At this stage, the pool could be closed for up to eight weeks; however, Council staff are working hard to re-open the site sooner.



Council aims to facilitate any pre-booked events or activities that may fall in the closure period.

During this time, Council will take the opportunity to complete essential maintenance works and upgrades.

In the meantime, Council will also employ staff to keep the caravan park open

Council is aiming to improve safety standards and consistency of service at the pool and caravan park for the 2019/2020 summer.

It comes as Council continues work on a detailed design of the Mossman Pool and Caravan Park site, which has been running for more than 30 years and is due for a transformation.

Council staff will continue to contact key pool users and advised them of the closure.

If you have any questions, please contact Council at, or phone 4099 9444.

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