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Declaration of Office

Thursday 16 April 2020

Elected Candidates will be making their Declaration of Office prior to the commencement of the Post-Election Meeting held on Thursday 16 April 2020, commencing at 9:30am.

Post Election Meeting of Council

Thursday 16 April 2020

Notice is hereby given that, in accordance with Section 175 of the Local Government Act 2009, the Post-Election Meeting will be Thursday 16 April 2020, commencing at 10:00am at the Reynolds Room, 64-66 Front Street, Mossman.

Agenda Items:

• Returning Officer’s Report – Declaration of Poll
• Election of Deputy Mayor
• Council Meeting Dates for 2020
• LDMG Chair and Deputy Chair

Notice is given that in accordance with Section 277E of the Local Government Regulation 2012, that the Declaration of Office and the Post-Election Meeting of Council will be closed to the public because of health and safety reasons associated with the public health emergency involving COVID-19.

The Declaration of Office and Post-Election Meeting of Council will be available to view via Live Stream on Council’s Facebook page.

An audio of the meeting will be available on the Council Website at the time the minutes are made available.

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