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COUNCIL has frozen and slashed some annual commercial fees for Douglas Shire business owners under a new fee structure aimed at helping small businesses recover from the recent wet season.

Annual application fees have been reduced and lower fees introduced for businesses depending on their location, to better reflect the level of foot traffic in those areas.

For example, an activity in Macrossan Street is considered higher impact than an activity in Daintree Village.

This formula was applied to goods on footpath, portable advertising, annual commercial activities and other temporary activities.

There will be NO increase to fees in Macrossan Street.

Douglas Shire Mayor Julia Leu said the new pricing would be a small boost to the small business sector.

“This new structure provides a simpler, cheaper and more equitable pricing for our small businesses,” she said.

“It was fantastic to see local businesses serving a wave of customers and making the most of the thousands of extra people in our region for the Port Douglas Carnivale.

“As we gear up for the tourist season, these lower fees are a small way we can further help our small businesses improve their bottom line for the next 12 months.”

Council staff are working with consultants on a design for the ‘Light Up Port’ project, which will see lighting installed along Macrossan St to add to the vibrant nightlife.

Meanwhile, Council’s outdoor workers continue to focus their efforts to beautifying the region’s parks and gardens.

Annual fee structure by for more equitable pricing (see below).

Port Douglas

Outdoor dining ($ per m2)

  • Macrossan St – $115
  • Other – $67

Goods on footpath ($ per m2)

  • Macrossan St – $52
  • Other – $45

Portable advertising

  • Macrossan St – $118
  • Other – $90



Outdoor dining ($ per m2)

  • Front St – $24
  • Other – $15

Goods on footpath ($ per m2)

  • Front St – $45
  • Other – $24

Portable advertising

  • Front St – $90
  • Other – $55


Other areas

Outdoor dining ($ per m2) – $15

Goods on footpath ($ per m2) – $15

Portable advertising ($ per m2) – $30

*If a fee is paid for Outdoor Dining or Goods on Footpath, no further fee is required for a Portable Advertisement where it is displayed within the approved area.

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