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In 1973 Gough Whitlam was Prime Minister, the Sydney Opera House was officially opened, Crocodile Rock was a hit for Elton John AND Alan “Foxy” Fox’s life-long relationship with pipes, valves, meters and pumps began in Mossman.

It’s fair to say a lot of water has flowed under the bridge and through Douglas Shire pipes since then!

Countless mains have been laid and thousands of leaks have been fixed during his career with Council’s water reticulation team, which has spanned over five decades.

Foxy has never been afraid to get down in a ditch and get his hands dirty but it’s his impressive recollection of the local water network that’s made him a once-in-a-generation employee.

His work mates regularly ask him questions about the network, where the water pipes connect or where to switch off a main during a repair process.

Recently that unique knowledge has been documented and will be used in Council’s online mapping tools.

Alan Fox has decided to turn the tap off on his flowing career, officially retiring late last month.

Douglas Shire Mayor Lisa Scomazzon thanked Foxy for his service.

“Foxy’s commitment to the Douglas Shire community is truly amazing – we wish him all the best in his retirement!”

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