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Saved Funds Re-Allocated to Sports Master Plan Projects

Yesterday Council endorsed to re-allocate unspent funds from the 2023-24 budget to alternative Sports Master Plan projects.

The unspent funds come from two projects.

Due to challenges associated with Tropical Cyclone Jasper the Victor Crees Pavillion design has not progressed leaving $116,570 remaining unused.

Lighting at the Port Douglas Rugby field has been resolved by installing LED lights and a wiring upgrade. This project has $47,238 of unused funds.

Douglas Shire Mayor Scomazzon said it only makes sense to re-invest the funds back into the Sports Master Plan.

“It is a favourable outcome on many levels to have Councils’ endorsement to redirect the unspent funds in the 2023-2024 Capital Works budget. The redirect will lay the groundwork to better address the emerging needs of our community that will immediately show valuable progression benefiting the wider community” she said.

Mossman Showgrounds (Coronation Park)

Council’s Plan For More Water

2,000 ML of water in the Mossman Catchment has been set aside by the Queensland Government for the supply of town water. Yesterday Council endorsed the application for Douglas Shire Council to apply for this water license.

Douglas Shire Council intends on using this as an alternate water source to feed the Mossman River Intake. The water will go to the Mossman Water Treatment Plant for treatment before being distributed as drinking water across Mossman and Port Douglas.

This critical project establishes a more reliable and resilient water source in response to the impact of the Tropical Cyclone Jasper and our Water Supply Security Strategy and Implementation Plan.

Through the water license process, Council demonstrates its commitment to the conditions of the water license, making sure the water use is consistent with the Wet Tropics Water Plan outcomes and objectives along with other relevant regulations.

Douglas Shire Mayor Lisa Scomazzon said she was looking forward to working with the Department of Regional Development.

“I am pleased with the outcome yesterday to support the application for this critical water license and am looking forward to working with the Department of Regional Development, Manufacturing and Water to secure this water supply” She said.

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