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HELICOPTER wreckage, a fridge and remains of an old pontoon are some of the more remarkable findings that volunteers from Parley Australia have found while clearing debris on the Daintree Coast.

Douglas Shire Council recently supported the clean ups by allowing volunteers to travel on the Daintree Ferry for free.

The group which includes volunteers from FNQ and tourists will be clearing debris at South Noah Beach on Saturday, December 15.

They have already completed 13 clean up events where they engaged 313 volunteers and removed 1948kg of rubbish from the region.

Some locations on the Daintree Coast include

• Emmagen Beach
• Myall Creek mouth
• Coconut Beach
• North Noah Beach
• South Noah Beach
• Cape Kimberley rocky headland

Parley clean up at Noah Beach-10

Parley is an international network (with the HQ in New York) where creators, thinkers and leaders come together to raise awareness for the beauty and fragility of our oceans, and collaborate on projects that can end their destruction. Parley strives to achieve three major milestones:

  • Avoid the use of plastic/single use items
  • Intercept the rubbish
  • Redesign plastic as a material

Parley Australia have run 127 events in 2019 all across the country and removed over 26 tonnes of debris so far. Heir office is based in Cairns, most of our operations in Australia are held in the Far North. The Daintree area is one of Parley’s focus points due to its environmental significance (World Heritage). If volunteers wish to get involved, they can join our Parley Australia Facebook Group to receive notifications about upcoming events.

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