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DOUGLAS Shire Council together with Water by Design are hosted a community Erosion & Sediment Control workshop on Thursday April 29, 4:00pm -5:00pm at the Port Douglas Community Hall.

Facilitated by Adrian Crocetti, Principal Engineer for Healthy Land and Waters By Design, the workshop addressed what erosion is, how it is caused, and the repercussions of not having effective erosion and sediment control practises on our water quality and environment.  It also covered pollution control and focused on defining best control practises, and practical methods to improve water quality.

Tools and training resources can be accessed here.

Various methods of erosion and sediment controls

From household to construction, improvements in erosion and sentiment control practises are vital to protect our natural areas and built assets.

The release of sediment is considered a major threat to the health of our waterways and reef. Improving erosion and sediment control (ESC) practices on construction sites and implementing Low Impact Design measures around the house are cost-effective strategies to reduce the environmental impacts.

Example of a high efficiency sediment (HES) basin.

Erosion and sediment control benefits for industry:

  • Saves time and money by not having to clean up sediment or replace lost materials after rain.
  • Reduces the likelihood of a fine or prosecution for polluting the environment.
  • Reduces complaints related to dust and stormwater pollution.
  • Improves relationships with the local community and local government.
  • Promotes and associates your business with protecting the environment.

Examples of erosion and sediment controls around the house.

The workshop is part of a funded project to build Urban Stormwater and Erosion and Sediment Control Capacity by the Queensland Government.

Facilitator, Adrian Crocetti, has been dedicated to the implementation of improved water quality and sustainable water policies, projects, and practices for over 15 years.  Adrian has worked in several diverse roles ranging from stormwater engineer to governmental policy and planning. In his current role as Principal Engineer of the Water by Design team, he has been able to share his extensive knowledge of water management across Queensland and beyond through capacity building activities, guideline and policy development, and advocacy roles.

Funded By:

The Urban Stormwater and Erosion and Sediment Control Capacity Building program is funded through the Queensland Government’s Investing in Our Environment for the Future Program and delivered by the Department of Environment and Science (DES).

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