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Each week, many of us put out our wheelie bin without much thought as to where the content ends up.

Based on the total volume of household rubbish collected in the Shire, each home generates an average 1.046 tonnes of waste annually.

Douglas Shire Council wants all of us to reduce the amount of stuff we throw out, and the Waste Reduction and Recycling Plan recently adopted, sets out how this can be achieved.

Mayor Michael Kerr said in the first instance, we need to reduce the volume of material people put in their wheelie bin.

“Council provides kerbside wheelie bin service for 7,543 homes so if we have less rubbish in every bin, this will make a huge difference.

Mayor Kerr said the Plan includes the continuation of free waste education sessions.

“These sessions are free, fun and interactive and explain where our waste goes, and practical tips on how we can reduce the amount of rubbish which ends up in landfill.

“We target primary schools across the shire, but community groups or business are welcome to book a session.

Mayor Kerr reminded us that just a few years ago, the Shire became the country’s first destination to be awarded Ecotourism Australia’s ECO Destination Certification.

“This demonstrates to visitors that as a destination, we are committed to strong, well-managed sustainable practices.  It is up to all of us to live up to this statement,” he said.

View the Waste Reduction & Recycling Plan 2022-2025

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