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MOSSMAN Library will be a hive of activity when a ‘Bee keeping for Beginners’ talk flies into town this weekend.

Douglas Shire Council is hosting the Cairns and District Beekeepers Association Inc to help create a buzz about bee keeping in Douglas Shire.

The public session is to help celebrate ‘Honey Month’ and highlight World Bee Day on May 20.

PHOTO: Cairns and District Beekeepers Association Inc Secretary Julia Toft’s son, Kieran, with a swarm of bees at a property in FNQ.

Mayor Julia Leu said the workshop would be a fantastic opportunity for potential hobby beekeepers to learn the basics.

“Mossman Library has evolved so much over the past few years and this free education session is a perfect example of how Council library staff work hard to diversify its offering,” she said.

“I encourage those people who are interested to learn about the different types of bees and how important they are, to get involved this Saturday.

Cairns and District Beekeepers Association Secretary, Julia Toft, who has 13 hives at Julatten, said she is looking forward to sharing her beekeeping experiences with people in Douglas Shire.

“I regularly get asked similar questions by people who are fascinated by these interesting insects,” she said.

“My talk will focus on a dozen of the most commonly asked questions, followed by an open questions and answer session.

“There are so many ways to encourage bees into our tropical gardens, and as we all know, our food crops absolutely depend on these pollinators. As people become more aware of their importance, our native bees will also benefit.”

The discussion will also be an opportunity to educate people about the difference between European Honey Bees and Asian Honey Bees.

A honey bee display is at the Mossman Library until the end of May.

Ms Toft said there was growing interest in bee keeping in Douglas Shire.

“I am so grateful to the library staff for their enthusiasm in having the display and hosting this discussion,” Ms Toft said.

‘Bee-keeping for Beginners’ is held at Mossman Library and starts at 10am on Saturday, May 18.

Buzzing tips (Business QLD)

– Join a beekeeping club

– Talk to your neighbours

– Manage swarms

– Provide your bees with water

– Use a smoker to assist with handling bees

– Provide barriers

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