Noah Creek Bridge is located on the Cape Tribulation Road between Cape Tribulation and Thornton Beach and was built by the US Army Corp of Engineers during the Second World War.

It is now in poor condition, currently rated at ‘4’ under Department of Transport guidelines and is due for replacement.

There are three main elements to the project:

  1. Construction of the new bridge.
  2. Realignment of the existing Cape Tribulation Road to provide approaches to the new bridge.
  3. Decommissioning and removal of the existing bridge, road pavement of previous approaches and re-vegetation of all areas.

Vehicle access across Noah Creek will be maintained throughout the construction process.

Cost of Project

Council was successful in securing 75% of the estimated total project cost under the Federal Government’s, Building Better Regions Fund.

Of the estimated total project costs of $1.5 million, $1.125 million will be provided by the Federal Government with Council contributing the balance of $375,000.

Project Updates


NQ Civil Contractors have completed the final design of the bridge as well as an Environment Management Plan, Project Quality Plan and Safety Management Plan.

The majority of the precast concrete elements (e.g. decks, headstocks and abutments) have been manufactured.

As the project is within the Wet Tropics World Heritage Area, a permit is required and an application has been lodged with the Wet Tropics Management Authority.

Because the road realignment requires extension of the Road Reserve into the Daintree National Park, Council has been liaising with the relevant Queensland State Government agencies as well as Traditional Owner groups with regard to Native Title.

Construction is estimated to take 200 days and is expected to commence in the mid to latter half of 2020, subject to receipt of environmental approvals.

MAY, 2019

Council has received the preliminary design from NQ Civil Contractors.

The proposal is to build a new crossing upstream of the existing bridge, which is located on Cape Tribulation Road, between Thornton Beach and Cape Tribulation (27 km by road north from the Daintree ferry and 9 km south of Cape Tribulation).

Details of the proposed new bridge:

  • The new crossing will be a two lane bridge with capability for vehicles only and no pedestrians access will be provided.
  • It will be built from concrete with steel barrier rails.
  • The crossing’s flood immunity will be increased from approximately 1 in 10 year (10% chance of flooding per year) to a 1 in 100 year (1% chance).
  • The existing bridge will remain in use until the new bridge is opened so it is anticipated there will be minimal impact to road users.
  • Current weight restrictions will remain in place for the old bridge.
  • The old bridge will be removed to stream bed level once new bridge is in use.

By way of timing, once the preliminary design has been reviewed by Council engineers, it will be submitted to the various authorities for approval.

The next stage in the project is for the contractor to obtain the required environmental approvals. Until all the permits are in place, a definite schedule cannot be provided.


Geo technical investigations were conducted and Council has awarded the design and construct contract to NQ Civil Contractors Pty Ltd.

Enquiries & Updates

For more information or to register for updates, please contact Gaye Scott on 0418 793 009 or gaye.scott@douglas.qld.gov.au