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Total: $13.5 million, funded by three levels of Government:

  • $6.745 million Federal Government
  • $5 million State Government
  • $1.755 million. Douglas Shire Council


At an estimated cost of $13.5 million, the construction of a new 20ML water reservoir in Craiglie completed in November 2018 was the single largest capital works project undertaken by Douglas Shire Council since deamalgamation.

The reservoir is located on land in Craiglie off Ferraro Road which was purchased by Douglas Shire Council specifically for the water reservoir.

This location is 53 metres above sea level which is significantly higher than the 6 metres above sea level of the existing reservoir in Craiglie.

The project included the construction of five kilometres of dedicated inlet and outlet mains and a new 640 metre access road.

The contractor was Koppens Development Pty Ltd.

Construction commenced in May 2017 and was completed in November 2018.

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