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Council is replacing the existing ultraviolet (UV) disinfection system with new technology.

The existing UV disinfection system, used to kill residual bacteria in the last stage of wastewater treatment, is ageing and requires costly annual maintenance.

The new UV disinfection system will improve the final treatment of wastewater, which is recycled and currently used for irrigation of golf courses, particularly in the dry season. This upgrade will improve the operability, reliability and efficiency of the Port Douglas Wastewater Treatment Plant, while reducing ongoing operational and maintenance costs into the future.

Local contractors will be used to perform electrical modifications to complete the project.

Cost of Project


Additional Information

  • Installation and commissioning is carefully planned to minimise the impact on operations during busy periods. The replacement of new for old equipment will need to be staggered so the plant can always stay operational.
  • When the UV system is offline and the new one is being installed, wastewater will be chlorinated to ensure bacteria is disinfected in the final stage of treatment.
  • The equipment is imported from overseas


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