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The purpose of the Douglas Shire Biosecurity Plan (DSBP) is to bring together all sectors of the local community together to manage invasive plants and animals. It does this by outlining the key responsibilities, roles and desired outcomes required under the Biosecurity Act 2014 for the whole of the Douglas Shire area.  The plan aims to benefit the community through preventing or reducing the impacts of pests and weeds on the economy, environment and people of the area through:

  • Addressing the obligations under the Biosecurity Act 2014 for all stakeholders.
  • Prioritization invasive pests and prevent the introduction and spread of invasive plants and animals within Douglas Shire based on best practice.
  • Identifying the roles and responsibilities of all stakeholders involved and providing direction on managing biosecurity risks
  • Building partnerships and enable better use of resources available within the community and across all land managers
  • Better coordination between all stakeholders, including integrated catchment management approaches, state-wide land protection strategies and management of conservation areas.


The plan identifies the goal for managing biosecurity in the Douglas Shire Council area as:

“All stakeholders working together to implement ongoing, coordinated and effective biosecurity management across the Douglas Shire Council area.”

The DSBP is written in accordance with the provisions of the Biosecurity Act 2014.  The DSBP is subject to renewal every four years, with necessary updates being made on annual basis to reflect changes in resources, pest threats, legislation, or policy.

Download the Draft Plan Here

Have Your Say

If you would like to provide comment on the document, please contact Gaye Scott on 0418 793 009 or

Consultation closes at 3pm on Friday, 10 December 2021

A report will then be presented to Council for consideration at the Ordinary Council Meeting on 14 December 2021.

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