Administration Building

The Council Administration Building is an accessible public building located in Front Street, Mossman. The Council Administration Building provides a base where ratepayers, residents and visitors are able to access a range of Council services and information and is the general location of Council Ordinary and Special meetings which the general public are welcome to attend.

The Council Administration Building does not have public meeting rooms available for hire. Council provides a number of accessible, multi-purpose community centres to help meet the diverse needs of our residents and visitors.

Port douglas community hall

Port Douglas Community Hub

The Port Douglas Community Hub is located at the Port Douglas Community Hall in Mowbray St and combines the new SpacePort co-working space, the library kiosk and Customer Service.


• Open 9am-4pm Mon to Fri
• SpacePort is a casual co-working space that existing small businesses (such as business people on vacation) as well as new and emerging local businesses and entrepreneurs can utilise as a convenient alternative to their own homes. It is an inexpensive facility for businesses which find the cost of commercial office rental space too prohibitive and not yet economically viable as part of their business plan.
• Business workshops and other related professional development training may be offered through the SpacePort facility, especially start-up and innovation activities which allow entrepreneurs who have a similar aim or goal of commercialising their ideas into reality.
• SpacePort is ideal for tertiary and secondary students wanting a quiet space to focus and study without the distractions which the home environment can’t offer. Students working on team projects or assignments can use this space create and grow their ideas.

• Stuck for a meeting space – SpacePort has a large room with a conference table for 4 people, with the ability to add more chairs, a couch and white board.
• 3 casual or semi-permanent desk spaces available for individuals needing somewhere quiet to focus.

Meeting room and desk hire fees
$10 per hour
$40 per day

All include access to:
• Wi-fi
• Kitchenette – microwave, bar fridge, kettle
• Air-conditioned

Bookings please call – Customer Service – Ph: 4099 9444

Customer Service

• Open 9am – 4pm Mon to Fri
• Ability to make payments using EFTPOS, cheque, money order
• Enquiries
• Ability have meetings with Council Officers – By Appointment

Douglas Library

• Open Monday to Friday 9.30am to 4pm.
• 3 computers to access internet
• Children’s corner

Port douglas community hall