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A FORMAL submission will be made to the State Government to seek funding for a detailed assessment of traffic travelling across the Daintree River.
Douglas Shire Council will make a submission to the Maturing Infrastructure Pipeline Program (MIPP) for a $100,000 grant to fund the Daintree River Ferry Capacity Analysis Project.
Mayor Julia Leu said this new grant provides a prime opportunity for a robust assessment of the river crossing.
“An up-to-date traffic analysis is prudent financial management for all residents who live in Douglas Shire,” she said.
“Council had been eyeing off river crossing investigations in the 2018/19 year and now this fortuitous grant opportunity gives us a chance to work with the State Government and relieve some financial pressure off Douglas Shire ratepayers.”
“This assessment will help Council form a strategic view of the planning and infrastructure needed by pin-pointing traffic congestion and delays that may be experienced during peak periods.”
Council anticipates road carrying capacity, peak hour demand and duration of the peak will be accurately determined.
The assessment aims to detail current congestion issues and model high level solutions, such as a second ferry, bridge or other travel demand initiatives.
This will then be developed into a strategic transport plan.
“Douglas Shire Council services 12,000 residents so it is absolutely vital contemporary statistics guide the future of the river crossing beyond 2021,” Mayor Leu said.


“The 2004 study worked to visitor numbers and inflated population statistics not yet reached north of the Daintree River. This needs to be updated.
“Council makes decisions on unbiased and factual data so it is absolutely crucial we have accurate statistics that reflects the current state of play.”
The submission is part of a comprehensive project strategy for the renewal of the ferry contract in 2021.

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