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Pools of water on Warner Street after rainfall earlier this year.

Council has awarded a design and documentation contract for the much needed upgrade of Warner Street between Grant and Owen Streets, to infrastructure consultants Cardno.
The design will cover the roadway, streetscape, street lighting, landscaping, shared pathways, cycle lanes, vehicle parking and drainage infrastructure.

Douglas Shire Council Mayor Julia Leu said the tree-lined section of Warner Street is a popular walking and cycling thoroughfare, but the extensive tree roots are damaging the road and drains, causing flooding issues and trip hazards for locals.
“Businesses and residents have had issues with water not draining away, with pools of smelly water and leaves clogging up drains.
“In addition, an arborist’s report commissioned by Council found that very few of the trees have sufficient allowance for root development and this makes them susceptible to disease.
“It will be a complex exercise which will explore how the trees could be protected, or whether we need a more suitable tree species and ensure there is sufficient area for the roots to mature without any impact on infrastructure.” Mayor Leu said.

Pools of water on Warner Street after rainfall earlier this year.

The Mayor said Council will be seeking feedback on upgrade options proposed by the consultants and anyone interested in having input can register now to be notified when the public consultation opens.
Further information is available on Council’s Have Your Say Page, Warner Street Upgrade Project.

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