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AN investment task force will discuss the feasibility of opening a cassowary research and breeding facility north of the Daintree River.

Douglas Shire Council has committed to six key actions to reduce impacts on Southern Cassowary populations in Douglas Shire.

Mayor Julia Leu said more needed to be done to protect iconic native wildlife in the Wet Tropics.



“Council is firmly dedicated to protecting our cassowaries and we have committed to a whole raft of actions to do this,” she said.

“The Far North has two cassowary facilities and I think it is time we at least look at the feasibility of building one in the Daintree Rainforest.”

“We also need to be rolling out better education programs, improving traffic slowing measures and better managing domestic dogs and feral pigs in the region.”

The possibility of opening a cassowary facility has been referred to the Sustainable Development and Investment Attraction Taskforce.

A survey report that explored the impact of domestic and native animals on the Wet Tropics fauna and the protection of the Southern Cassowary was tabled at yesterday’s Ordinary Council Meeting.

Findings suggest about 90% residents believe feral pigs have a detrimental impact on cassowaries.

“This survey reaffirmed the complexity of managing different expectations in areas of significant ecological value,” Mayor Leu.

“There is a clear need for greater education about cassowary preservation and Douglas Shire Council is keen to support initiatives that do this.”

Council staff launched the survey at the 2016 World Cassowary Day at Cape Tribulation.


That Council adopts the six key actions with the sixth action to be referred to the Sustainable Development and Investment Attraction Taskforce:
1.Better management of domestic dogs in the Daintree area (i.e. responsible pet owners).
2.Additional resources for the management of feral pigs in the Daintree area
3.Educational programs to stop the feeding of cassowaries and highlight theirsignificance.
4.A review of traffic slowing measures in the Daintree area.
5.A review of the appropriateness of pig-hunting in the Daintree area.
6.An investigation into the feasibility of opening a cassowary research and/orbreeding facility north of the Daintree River.


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