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Economic Development Strategy Adopted

A FOUR-year strategy for sustainable economic growth will guide local industries through the post-COVID world.

The 2021-2024 Economic Development Strategy was formally adopted by Douglas Shire Council this week.

Douglas Shire Mayor Michael Kerr said the strategy recognised established industries, while building resilience and broadening the economic structure of the Shire.

“Our new strategic vision prioritizes three drivers that provide the overarching strategic direction for attracting exciting new industries, creating jobs and achieving sustainable economic growth in a post-COVID world,” he said.

“This strategy will not only grow the economy, but it also lays the platform for us to continue to look for solutions to the new economic constraints that COVID has brought upon us.

“As a community, we will address vital issues that continue to block economic growth such as the low availability of affordable housing, a shortage of local workers and the limited opportunity for higher paying jobs.”

Please read the full strategy here.

Zig Zag Rd & Bloomfield Track Tender Awarded

A TENDER for a new concrete roadway and culvert upgrade at Zig Zag Rd and Cape Tribulation-Bloomfield Rd has been awarded to Geo Construct Pty Ltd.

The $6.1 million worth of projects includes minor earthworks, improvements to stormwater drainage, culvert upgrade and construction of a rigid concrete pavement to improve the road surface.

The existing unsealed roads are steep, slippery and subject to regular loss of pavement materials.

Visit the Project Pages for more information.

Port Douglas Cycling Event Gains Council Support

DOUGLAS Shire Council approved funding of $50,000 for the inaugural Port Douglas Gran Fondo Festival to be held on September 9-11, 2022.

Cairns-based event company Connect Sport Australia announced plans earlier this year for an annual major cycling festival which would inject more than $21 million into the Port Douglas region’s economy within the first three years.

Douglas Shire Mayor Michael Kerr said the Gran Fondo Festival had potential to become the town’s annual showpiece sports event.

“The Gran Fondo will be a catalyst for economic activity in Douglas Shire during September next year,” he said.

Read more here.

Probity Audit For Daintree Ferry Contract

A PROBITY auditor will review and provide detailed reports about the processes behind the Daintree Ferry Contract Renewal.

Douglas Shire Council today unanimously resolved to request the Chief Executive Officer, through the Audit Committee, to engage an independent probity auditor to analyse the ferry contract process to ensure public trust and understanding in the decision-making.

Read more here.

You can read the full agenda and minutes when they become available here, or watch a replay of the meeting below.


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