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Water consumption in Port Douglas and Mossman has dropped by 26 per cent since Level 4 water restrictions were introduced across the Douglas Shire.

Douglas Shire Mayor Michael Kerr said residents should be congratulated for their community-minded approach to water following TC Jasper and the flooding that followed in December.

”A big thank you to those of you who’ve made small changes to your daily routines to ensure our reserves of drinking water remain as high as possible,” Mayor Kerr said.

“By taking shorter showers, packing away the garden hose and sprinklers and generally using water more sparingly, our community is making a big difference to water consumption.”

Level 4 water restrictions will remain in place for the foreseeable future as we take steps towards improving the Shire’s water security.


  • Council, with the support of external engineers and water experts, has recently finalised a plan featuring options to reduce issues within the intakes and treatment plants
  • An Adelaide University water analysis has confirmed the need to upgrade the network’s filtering cartridges
  • Government officials will be undertaking field visits this week to assess and better understand the challenges facing our water network
  • Ongoing pipe replacement and repairing of leaks


Overall, water production rates at the Mossman and Whyanbeel treatment plants have reduced due to an increased level mud and debris in our water catchment.

“Whenever it rains the amount of sediment in the water catchment rises and our treatment plants have to work hard to produce clean drinking water,” Mayor Kerr said.

“We only have a few days’ worth of water in reserve so your ongoing help in following the restrictions makes an enormous difference.”

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