The Douglas Shire Biosecurity Working Group

The Douglas Shire Biosecurity Working Group DSBWG was formed and open to all stakeholders to ensure the DSBP is developed by and for the entire community. The DSBWG considered all pests in relation to the range of land use values in the Douglas Shire Council area.

The role of the Biosecurity Working Group is:

▪ Ensure all stakeholders formally know, accept and acknowledge their roles and responsibilities in relation to the DSBP.

▪ Prioritize biosecurity matter and develop specific obligations to ensure pests are being managed to a standard that is accepted by the community.

▪ To provide advice to government, organisations and individuals on the biosecurity management priorities and obligations in the Douglas Shire area.

▪ Identify research priorities and operational needs of the DSLGA and ensure the DSBWG is represented at the NAMAC who represent the DSBWG for the purpose of the co-investment model.

▪ Develop and review a Biosecurity Plan for invasive biosecurity matter for all land tenure in the DSLGA.

▪ Ensure key stakeholders are involved in implementing, coordinating, monitoring and of the DSBP.

With the introduction of the new Biosecurity Act in 2014, the Biosecurity Management Plan (Pest Management Plan) has been updated to coincide with the new provisions. The Douglas Shire Biosecurity Working Group is a mandatory requirement for each local government area as per Chapter 3 part 2 of the Biosecurity Act 2014.