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Douglas Shire Council has been working with Port Douglas State School and the Department of Transport to improve safety for students travelling to and from school.  The Department has funds available to design and install shared pathways so children aren’t required to walk or ride on the road.

We met with representatives from the school and the P&C to ask what they thought about a new pathway along the southern side of St Crispins Avenue.  They were supportive but said most of the children came from the direction of Port Douglas Road and took a short cut down Undine and Ribbon to get to the school rather than continuing all the way to St Crispins Avenue.

Pathway Undine Street and Ribbon Avenue

Council is seeking feedback from residents of Undine Street and Ribbon Avenue about putting in a shared pathway.  As we have found in other areas, some residents want a pathway, others would prefer not, so we are keen to get a feel for what people think.

The pathway would be about 1.8 metres wide and would be on the southern side of Undine Street running in front of 2 to 10 and then along Ribbon Avenue from 6 to 18.

In building the pathway, any plants on the nature strip along the pathway’s route would need to be relocated within people’s boundaries.  Once the new pathway is laid, new turf will be laid immediately.


Applications for grant funds are due for lodgement late October 2023, and an outcome will be known in early January 2024.  If we are successful in getting 100% funding, design and construction of the pathway could occur in the 2023/24 financial year and if we only get 50%, a more realistic time frame is 24/25.

Enquiries and Feedback By 9 October 2023

If you have any questions and/or would like to provide feedback you are encouraged to contact Gaye Scott on telephone (07) 4099 9414 or via email Or you may send a letter to Douglas Shire Council, PO Box 723 Mossman Qld 4873.

Feedback is requested by  close of business Monday 9 October 2023.

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