Food Safety Template Records

Substantiation of Critical Food Safety Controls
Food Safety Templates

Food Safety Standard 3.2.2A

New food safety management tools are coming into effect. From the 8th of December 2023, it will be a legal requirement under your food business licence conditions that all applicable food businesses must have implemented the new Food Standard. The standard introduces new requirements for Category One food businesses which Council’s Environmental Health Officers will commence enforcing during routine inspections from December 8th 2023.

Substantiation of Critical Food Safety Controls

Businesses must start keeping records or be able to demonstrate to an Authorised Officer that food safety requirements are being met for food handling activities, including:

  • Receiving, storing, preparation, cooking, cooling, reheating, displaying and transporting potentially hazardous food, and;
  • A documented cleaning and sanitising schedule detailing your cleaning activity on a daily, weekly and/or monthly roster.

Businesses must have a record, unless they can show in another way they are meeting safe food handling requirements and is able to demonstrate this to an Authorised Officer upon request. It is therefore highly recommended that businesses make records to demonstrate compliance.

To assist Category One businesses with the transition to mandatory record keeping, Council’s Environmental Health Team have developed a suite of downloadable record form templates which are available by clicking on each form you would like to use. Council encourages your business to download and save to your computer any of these forms and contextualise them in any way you feel necessary to your business. Once you have made your amendments to a form (if required), simply print it off and commence completing. Your Environmental Health Officers will then be commencing a review these as part of ongoing routine inspections.

If you would like some assistance to tailor a suitable recording form system that meets your needs, please feel free to contact Council’s Environmental Health Team on

All completed forms must be retained at the premises and made available to your Environmental Health Officer at any time either upon request or during routine food business inspections. Food Safety Records are required to demonstrate compliance to safe food handling controls and critical limits. Without forms being made available, your business may have a non-compliance recorded during your inspection.

Food Safety Template Records

TEMPLATE - PROD A - Daily Production Record - All Processes - Small Business (36.2 KiB)

TEMPLATE - PROD B - Daily Production Record - Incoming Goods, Cooking, Cooling, Reheating - Medium Business (35.7 KiB)

TEMPLATE - PROD C - Weekly Production Record - Cooking, Cooling, Reheating - Medium Business (35.5 KiB)

TEMPLATE - PROD D - Daily Production Record - Incoming Goods, Fridges, Cooking, Cooling (35.9 KiB)

TEMPLATE - PROD E - Daily Production Record - Incoming Goods, Cooking, Cooling, Reheating, 2hr4hr (36.0 KiB)

TEMPLATE - PROD F - MARKET OPERATOR - Market Day Production Record (43.0 KiB)

TEMPLATE 1 - Incoming Goods Record (35.8 KiB)

TEMPLATE 2 - Daily Operation Checklist - Fridges, Freezers, Dishwasher, Cleaning (26.4 KiB)

TEMPLATE 3 - 2HR 4HR Time Monitoring Record (27.5 KiB)

TEMPLATE 4 - Cooking And Reheating Record (32.2 KiB)

TEMPLATE 5 - Cooking And Cooling Record (39.6 KiB)

TEMPLATE 6 - Food Transporting Record (31.3 KiB)

TEMPLATE 7A - Daily Weekly Monthly Cleaning Register - Small And Medium Business (33.6 KiB)

TEMPLATE 7B - Daily Weekly Monthly Cleaning Register - Large Business (47.4 KiB)

TEMPLATE 8A - Calibration Procedures And Recording (68.7 KiB)

TEMPLATE 8B - Calibration Record (36.4 KiB)

TEMPLATE 9A - Food Handler - Skills Knowledge Checklist (38.0 KiB)

TEMPLATE 9B - Food Handler - Group Education Attendance Sheet (34.4 KiB)

TEMPLATE 9C - Food Handler - Indiv Staff Training Register (34.7 KiB)

TEMPLATE 10 - FSS Internal Verification Checklist (48.2 KiB)

SOP - Documented Procedure For Cleaning And Sanitising Hand Washed Dishes (31.7 KiB)

SOP - Documented Procedure For Cooling (28.6 KiB)

SOP - Process Time And Temp Log (46.1 KiB)

SOP - Standard Validated Recipe - Terrine Of Smoked Halibut (32.8 KiB)

SOP - Standard Validated Recipe - Thai-Green-Beef-Curry (26.8 KiB)