Discover how to access online resources and borrow from Douglas Libraries.
This page provides a step by step guide to help you complete the online membership form.

What is the Online Library Service?

Aurora is the Local Online Library service for Rural Libraries Queensland, which includes the Douglas Shire. To access Aurora resources, you must become a member – its free and available to anyone who lives in the Douglas Shire.

Once you have activated your Aurora membership you can access online resources immediately.

How do I join Douglas Libraries?

Once you are a member of Aurora – Your Local Library Network, pop into our Mossman or Port Douglas library with your photo ID to extend your membership to borrow books, DVDs and more.

Trouble shooting the online membership form

We understand that completing an online form isn’t always easy. To help in the process we’ve developed a step-by-Step Guide to completing the Aurora – Your Local Library Network online membership form with screen shots and helpful tips.
Alternatively, our friendly library staff are all to happy to help so feel free to pop into the Mossman or Port Douglas Library, and we can guide you through the process.

Click here to complete the online membership form

Step by Step Guide to completing the online membership form

Step 1

Accept the Terms & Conditions (listed below) and tick the box on the bottom left of the screen (refer to screen capture shown)

  1. I confirm that I live in one of the communities listed below
  2. I confirm that I have my parent’s/guardian’s permission to register for online membership (if under 16)
  3. I agree to use online content according to the conditions of use of each service or application

Step 2

This is where you complete your personal details.
In addition to a Password, you need to create an Alias and a PIN.
Your Alias is essentially your Username, and your PIN can be used interchangeably with your password.
You must complete all the required fields and select NEXT

Step 3

This is where you complete your contact details.
You must complete all the required fields and select NEXT
Note, if you don’t have a home phone number enter the digits 61 in the first box, and then the 8 digits of your mobile phone number (without the 0 at the start)
Then enter your mobile phone number again under the “Mobile” field

Step 4

The form will automatically skip the Postal Address step and go direct to “Other Details”
Here you select your preferred to collect reserves – Douglas Shire residents will select either Mossman or Port Douglas.
Check the option boxes accordingly to your preferences. Then click FINISH to complete your membership