The Port Douglas Markets is one of the iconic tourist experiences of our region. The Douglas Shire Council protects the integrity of the Markets by implementing and overseeing the Port Douglas Markets Policy and accompanying Code of Conduct. The Policy and Code of Conduct apply to all stallholders* trading at the Markets.

The Market Coordinator is responsible for the coordination of the markets and for administering the Policy and Code of Conduct.

Stallholders’ Code of Conduct

Stallholders bound by this code:

  1. Shall abide by all of the stallholder terms and conditions as set out in the Port Douglas Markets Policy.
  2. Shall follow all reasonable directions of the Market Coordinators implementing the Port Douglas Markets Policy and to ensure the smooth running of the market.
  3. Are expected to be courteous and professional at all times.
  4. Shall not engage in inappropriate behaviour towards to the public, Market Coordinators or other stallholders including, but not limited to:
    • Behaviour that is bullying, threatening or abusive, violent or belligerent;
    • Behaviour that is racist, sexist or otherwise discriminatory, sexual harassment;
    • Language that is threatening, insulting, defamatory or derogatory, including shouting or swearing;
    • Behaviour that is likely to cause distress, disturbance, inconvenience, damage or harm to any other person present at the market.
  5. Shall not smoke or consume alcohol or drugs within the market stall area.
  6. Shall not tout or aggressively solicit sales or engage in misleading or deceptive sales techniques.
  7. Shall comply with Council’s Plastic Free Policy to attempt to reduce the use of disposable plastics.
  8. Shall uphold the best interests, image and welfare of the Port Douglas Markets and shall not comment adversely about the Markets or other stallholders on the internet, media or on a public occasion.
  9. Shall not engage in any behaviour that may bring the Markets into disrepute.


  1. Failure to comply with the Port Douglas Markets Policy or Code of Conduct will result in a verbal warning from the Markets Coordinator.
  2. Serious or repeated breaches will result in a written warning by the Markets management.
  3. The accumulation of three written warnings will result in the withdrawal of a stallholder’s approval to trade at the Port Douglas Markets.
  4. Council reserves the right to expel or exclude a stallholder from the Markets for egregious breaches of the Code of Conduct or Markets Policy, immediately and without notice.



*All Council staff working at the Markets operate under the Douglas Shire Council Employee Code of Conduct.

Resolution Process

Port Douglas Markets welcomes stallholders’ input and is open to constructive feedback.

Complaints will be processed in accordance with Council’s complaints management system

  1. Stallholder concerns or disagreements about operations of the Markets should be directed to the Market Coordinator.
  2. If a stallholder or member of the public is not satisfied with the outcome of a discussion with the Market Coordinator or wishes to make a complaint about a Market Coordinator, complaints can be addressed to the Team Leader Community and Economic Development at
  3. A dispute of a compliance decision must be made in writing to and will be lodged as an Administrative Action Complaint by the Governance Officer in the complaints register.
    • Complaints will be directed to the relevant Manager to investigate and report to the Governance Officer.
    • The Governance Officer will issue the complainant a written letter advising the outcome of the investigation and the reasons for the decision.
  4. Upon receipt of a request for an internal review of this decision, the Governance Manager will make a determination on whether the review will be undertaken by an independent area of Council or whether an appropriate consultant should be engaged.
  5. If a stallholder is not satisfied with the outcome of the complaints process, they have the right to take their complaint to an external agency, such as the Queensland Ombudsman on 1800 068 908 or


Douglas Shire Council Complaints Process