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PROBLEM sections of the Bloomfield Track are now safer and more resilient.

Douglas Shire Council has completed more than $10 million worth of improvement works on the Cape Tribulation-Bloomfield Road (Bloomfield Track) and Zig Zag Road under the 2019 Betterment Program.

The 2019 Betterment program is a joint Australian Government and Queensland Government program under Category D of the Disaster Recovery Funding Arrangements (DRFA) to repair and provide more resilient essential public infrastructure damaged by monsoons.

A key driver for the works is to improve access for Wujal Wujal and Degarra residents, as well as increasing the reliability of the roads for travellers after wet weather.

Douglas Shire Mayor Michael Kerr said the upgrades create a more dependable road network on the northern edges of the region.

“It is not unusual to see more than 250 vehicles per day driving along the Bloomfield Track during our peak tourist season,” he said.

“These upgrades will reduce the need for yearly repairs during the wet season and improve drainage at a number of spots.”

“People driving north of Cape Tribulation these school holidays will notice a smoother journey at some of these spots.”

“I would like to thank the Federal and State Governments for providing this funding to complete these important road upgrades.”

The three projects completed include:

  • Donovan Range– $3.9 million – Minor earthworks, stormwater drainage and rigid pavement construction upgrades.
  • Zig Zag Road– $3.297 million – Minor earthworks, crossroad stormwater drainage, table drainage and rigid pavement improvements.
  • Cape Tribulation-Bloomfield Rd– $3.495 million – Improvement to problematic sections of the road, an upgrade to Panican Creek culvert and pavement upgrades adjacent to Woobadda Creek and Pierce’s Hill.


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