A Direct Debit arrangement will allow you to make regular payments in advance towards your Rates or Water Usage Notice. Payments can be debited from your savings or cheque account weekly, fortnightly, monthly (Rates only) or in full.

To establish a Direct Debit arrangement, review the Direct Debit Service AgreementΒ and then complete the Direct Debit Request Form. If you are unable to print these forms please phone Customer Service on (07) 4099 9444 to request the forms to be mailed to you.

Before completing the Direct Debit Request please ensure:

  • You know your assessment number and you are the property owner or authorised representative.
  • That direct debit transactions are available from your account (check with your financial institution).
  • You have selected a valid Direct Debit extraction date from the Calendar


Please complete a new form for each property you wish to establish a direct debit arrangement for.

You may defer, alter or suspend your Direct Debit at anytime. Complete the Direct Debit Cancellation/Deferment FormΒ and send to Council.

Council requires five working days notice prior to the next debit date for a deferment or amendment. Cancellations may be submitted on the day providing the payment has not already been extracted.

If you require assistance in completing your form or have any questions about Direct Debit, please contact customer service on (07) 4099 9444.

To download a direct debit amendment form click HERE