Have you thought about what you would do with your pets if there is a natural disaster like flood, tropical cyclone, bushfire or storms?

Pets are an important part of the family and should be considered when preparing for a natural disaster. Pets are not allowed in cyclone shelters or places of refuge, so you need to have other places in mind to evacuate to if a natural disaster occurs.

Things to consider

Location – If you need to evacuate, where can you take your pet if a disaster strikes? Have you got friends or family out of the disaster area who could take your pet?

Survival kits – Have a survival kit for your pets. This could contain –

  • Have your registration details up to date and tag on your dog in case they get lost, have an ID tag with your details for a cat
  • Ensure you have enough pet food, water and medication to last 3-5 days
  • Have something to entertain or distract your pets during a disaster
  • Carriers are a good thing to have on hand to contain your pets
  • Have enough poo bags, newspaper and kitty litter to last 5 days
  • Bedding, toys, leash, collar, food and water bowls

For other useful information for different types of pets please click on the link:


Fireworks, thunder and lighting are very, very frightening for some dogs

If your dog is prone to getting scared during fireworks and thunder you can help your dog by:

  • Ensuring your dog is registered and its registration tag is on the dog collar. Make sure your details are up to date so Council can call you if the dog has been picked up.
  • Ensuring your dog is microchipped and that the microchip details are up to date.
  • Containing your pets inside the house when you know there is going to be some loud noises such as thunder and lighting.
  • Often crate training is a good tool to use for a dog to have a ‘safe haven’ somewhere they can feel comfortable and secure.