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The challenge has been set for Mossman locals to bring their own cup when getting their daily hit of caffeine.

Plastic Free Cairns & Douglas is currently assisting local coffee cart, Kah Veh Coffee, to increase their daily percentage of reusable cups through the 3-week Reusable Café Challenge.

The coffee cart, located at the Town and Country shopping centre, has achieved plastic free champion status in the sugar cane town.

The program encourages café owners to track their percentage of reusable to single use cups.

Co-ordinator of Plastic Free Cairns & Douglas, Helen Reilly, is encouraging to the community to get into the habit of choosing re-usable cups.

“We engage with business owners, staff and the local community to inspire a culture of reuse, aiming for significant reductions in single use cups over a 3-week period,” she said.

“On the last day of the challenge,  we celebrate with a Use Your Own Cup Day where we aim for an ambitious 100% reusable cups in one day’s trading.”

Reusable cup options can include:

  • Dine in with a reusable cup
  • Bring Your Own (BYO) clean reusable cup or mug
  • Borrow a free reusable coffee cup from Green Caffeen (available to swap and return at 7 cafes in Douglas Shire)
  • Buy a reusable cup (available from many local stores in Douglas)
  • Create reusable cup group ordering with your workmates

Kah Veh Coffee’s Use Your Own Cup Day (A goal of 100% reusable cups) will be held on Friday 23 September 7am-12pm.

Clean reusable cups or mugs welcome.  Advocates are invited to take a #byoselfie or #mugshot and tag @plasticfreecairns and @douglasshirecouncil.

Plastic Free Cairns & Douglas is an initiative funded by the Queensland Government and supported by Douglas Shire Council.  The Plastic Free Places program run by the Boomerang Alliance encourages and supports local businesses to proactively reduce single use plastics across 6 target items, including single use plastic coffee cups.

With the Queensland Government considering a ban of single use plastic coffee cups and lids in coming years as part of the 5-year roadmap, Douglas Shire Council is encouraging local businesses and the community of Douglas Shire to create the habit of choosing reusable cups.

The Reusable Café program is open to all café owners in Douglas Shire who want to be proactive in reducing single use plastics and create a culture of reuse. For more information and free reusables signage for your café, visit

Learn more about the Queensland Government’s 5-year road map to banning more single use plastics here.


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