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WATER conservation measures will remain in place after Douglas Shire Council removed Level 1 Water Restrictions today.

The flow in Rex Creek, which supplies water to Mossman and Port Douglas, has significantly increased after recent rainfall over the Christmas and New Year period.

With the catchment now more saturated, Douglas Shire will move to Level 0 Conservation Measures to continue regulating the days consumers can use water, but with much less restriction on use.

Under Level 0, the maximum allowable watering time is removed, and overnight watering between 6pm and 8am on alternate days continues to be encouraged

Douglas Shire Mayor Michael Kerr said Level 0 status was designed to keep water use top of mind through the wet season.

“Latest weather forecasts and recent rainfall, which have replenished our creeks, has guided the decision to remove Level 1 Water Restrictions,” he said.

“Our water supply is precious. Water restrictions are turned on to help Council manage supplies during drier periods and help us comply with our water licence.”

“Water conservation needs to be on everyone’s mind, even in the wet season when periods of heavy rainfall can cause high turbidity events at our intakes and impact production at our water treatment plants.”

High turbidity occurs when heavy rain and high creek flows increase the level of silt and sand in the water, which impacts the ability of the treatment plant to process as much clean and safe drinking water.

Water can’t be added to the reservoirs and sent to taps if it is not clean and safe.

Meeting our water licence with the State Government

Council holds a licence to take water from Rex Creek issued by the State Government. This water licence is subject to flow-related conditions that limit the maximum daily rate of take based on the streamflow. As the creek flow declines, so does Council’s ability to draw enough water to satisfy demand.

These licence conditions ensure that there are adequate environmental flows in Rex Creek throughout the year.

For full details on the Level 0 conditions, please refer to Water Restrictions.

Council’s water security strategy

Council has a strategy in place to future-proof water supplies and support economic growth.

Key components of Douglas Shire’s water security strategy include:

  • Mossman River Intake– securing a second raw water extraction site for the Mossman water treatment plant
  • Smart Water Meter Program– replacing ageing retail meter fleet with digital smart water meters
  • Recycled Water & Re-use– Expansion of the Port Douglas recycled water scheme and implementation of a scheme in Mossman
  • Education & Awareness– Developing the community’s understanding of water security and conservation measures
  • Leak detection & pipe upgrades–leak detection and the replacement of ageing water mains.

Read more on Council’s water security strategy HERE


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