Looking After Our Wastewater

Everything that goes down our drains, sinks and toilets ends up at one of our wastewater treatment plants

The Three Ps – Pee, Poo & Paper

Do us a solid and only flush the three Ps — pee, poo and paper. All other items should be wrapped and placed in the bin for disposal as general waste.

Disposable nappies, baby and sanitary wipes, disposable gloves, Chux cloths, bandages, paper towel and incontinence pads do not belong in our sewer network.

Flushable wipes are NOT flushable, despite what the packaging says. None of these items decompose in sewer network and instead get caught in our pumps. Our staff then have to remove the pump and clear the blockage by hand!

Blockages can also lead to sewage overflows that harm the environment, waterways and public health. They may also block your internal sewer pipes, which can result in costly plumbing bills.

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