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MONITOR CONDITIONS AS THEY ARE CHANGING – Wonga Beach flood as at 9:00PM Saturday, 16 December 2023


Warning level: WATCH AND ACT


Warning area: Wonga Beach


This warning is from Douglas Shire Council


People in Wonga Beach must monitor conditions as they are changing. Water is rising and you may need to move to higher ground.


Do not expect emergency services to come to your door.


If your life is in danger, call Triple Zero (000) immediately. For flood and storm emergency help, call the SES on 132 500 or download the SES Assistance QLD app.


Impacts in your area

  • Single-storey buildings could be fully flooded.
  • Roads and bridges may be closed.
  • Evacuation routes might be cut off soon.
  • Power, phones, internet and water might stop working.
  • It may become too dangerous for emergency services to rescue you.

What you should do

  • Monitor flood levels around your property often through the night.
  • Prepare now so you can go quickly and safely if the flood gets worse.
  • If you have children make sure they are with you or a responsible adult.
  • Move cars to high ground.
  • Decide where you and the people you live with will go. Find a safe and high place away from flooding. This could be with family or a friend.
  • If you do not have a safe place, a place of refuge has been set up at:
  • Get ready now:
  • Lift important things onto benches, tables, high shelves or upstairs to protect them.
  • Charge mobile phones now.
  • Block toilets, sinks and drains with sandbags to stop sewerage backflow if you can.
  • Lock windows and doors.
  • Be ready to take your pets, pet food, pet lead or crate, mobile phone, charger, enough clothes for three days, important documents (like identification, insurance papers and passports), medicine, cash and keys with you.
    • If you have very young children, pack enough nappies for up to five days, wipes, bottles, formula or baby food. Plan to not have a fridge or microwave.
  • Decide how you will get to your safe place, if the situation changes and you need to leave. If you come to a flooded road, turn around and go another way. Do not drive through floodwater.
  • Warn friends, family and neighbours in the area that the situation is changing quickly.
    • If you find it hard to move quickly, leaving now is safer.
    • Stay informed:
    • Click here for all warnings
    • Listen to your local radio station Far North Queensland on 639AM or 106.7FM



More information



The next update will be issued when the situation changes.


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