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Work is continuing on repairs to Douglas Shire Council’s water network, as new ultrafiltration units are delivered from South Australia.

Transported on semi-trailers, the ultrafiltration units are containerised and able to be rapidly deployed onsite and connected to the existing network.

The new units will help the Whyanbeel Water Treatment Plant process high turbidity water from Falls Creek, particularly during extreme rainfall periods.

Since December, the impact on water infrastructure from Cyclone Jasper has led to supply disruptions across the Shire.

Heavy rain events cause high turbidity in the source water and the increased solids block the filters in the water treatment plant, resulting in a shut down while the equipment is cleaned.

The Queensland Government has provided ongoing assistance to Council through a range of measures to help mitigate the significant impact from the cyclone and subsequent heavy rainfall events.

Support was provided through the North Queensland Water Sector Mutual Aid Coordination Cell (MACC), which was stood up following the heavy damage sustained to the Port Douglas water infrastructure following Cyclone Jasper.

The MACC involved specialists and resources from across the water industry, with Unitywater and Urban Utilities trucks and Seqwater assets spotted around the Shire over January.

Both the Queensland Government and Council are committed to working together to deliver long-term water reliability improvements to the Douglas Shire.

Minister for Regional Development and Manufacturing, Minister for Water, Glenn Butcher said:

“I was up in Port Douglas and I know how challenging it has been for the community. I know it’s also been challenging for Council to get infrastructure back up and running.

“I’m proud to be part of a Queensland Government that works with our Councils including Douglas Shire to deliver vital water infrastructure. Our government will always roll up our sleeves and help.

“I’m looking forward to working with the new Mayor and new Council to continue to deliver for your beautiful community.

“I also want to acknowledge the staff and resources that have helped Douglas Shire Council recovery efforts. I have written to the CEOs in the water industry to thank them for their assistance. The water industry really is a big family and it was heart-warming to see Unitywater, Urban Utilities and Seqwater assets up in the region helping out.”

Douglas Shire Council Mayor, Lisa Scomazzon said the units were another step towards greater water security and resilience for the Shire.

“Our community has faced a number of challenges following Cyclone Jasper and disruptions to the water network have added an extra level of stress for residents.

“The portable units will provide a back-up water treatment option and will provide our community with a more reliable water supply.

“Council would like to thank the Minister for Regional Development and Manufacturing, Minister for Water for his support as the recovery process continues.”

Member for Cook, Cynthia Lui said:

“I look forward to working with the new Mayor and Councillors to make sure we get suitable long-term solutions to Douglas’ water challenges. I’ll always be a champion for my electorate and make sure we get funding delivered so our communities have the infrastructure they need.

“It’s good to see Queensland Government support helping our communities bounce back after the cyclone damage.”

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