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Current dog registrations expire on 31 July 2023, and renewal notices will be posted to all registered dog owners on 30 June 2023.

FREE registrations are available for:

  • puppies under the age of six month,
  • eligible pensioners over the age of 65, whose dogs have been desexed and microchipped, and
  • new residents who can provide a valid registration certificate from another Council.

HUGE discounts are also available for:

  • desexed dogs – 73% discount, and
  • pensioners – 31.5% discount.

Please check that all your details are up to date when receiving your renewal notice, to ensure your furry friend can be re-united with you quickly should they ever go missing.

In Queensland, all cats and dogs between 8 and 12 weeks of age must be implanted with a microchip. Responsibility for microchipping is with the person selling or giving away the animal.


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