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Douglas Shire Council is asking Port Douglas and Mossman residents to limit their water usage for the next two days to allow reservoirs to replenish.

The Mossman Water Treatment Plant is currently not operating due to high turbidity after thunderstorms and heavy rainfall impacted water production multiple times over the weekend.

High turbidity occurs when heavy rain causes high volumes of water containing silt, sand, and vegetation to block the intakes and stop a full flow of water to the treatment plant.

These high turbidity levels slow down the water treatment process, required to make clean and safe water. When high turbidity occurs, water continues to flow from reservoirs to households, but that reservoir supply can not be replenished until water production resumes.

Periods of heavy rainfall can cause high turbidity events at our intakes and impact production at our water treatment plants.

Water can’t be added to the reservoirs and sent to taps if it is not clean and safe.

A photo taken on Monday 19 December 2022 showing high turbidity at the Rex Creek Intake, which supplies Mossman and Port Douglas

Council would like residents and businesses to conserve water to help us replenish our water supplies.

Despite the recent rainfall, level 1 water restrictions remain with shorter hours for sprinklers and irrigation.

Residents and businesses will only be able to use automated watering for up to four hours between 6pm and 8am on the following days:

  • Even-numbered properties – Wednesday, Friday and Sunday
  • Odd-numbered properties – Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday
  • No watering on Mondays

Water restrictions are put in place to effectively manage water supplies during drier periods and help us comply with our water licence.

To read more about water restrictions, please visit here.


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