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An Ordinary Council meeting will be held on Tuesday, 24 November 2020, at 10am. The agenda and minutes can be downloaded below as they become available.

In accordance with Section 277E of the Local Government Regulation 2012, the Ordinary Meeting of Council will be closed to the public because of health and safety reasons associated with the public health emergency involving COVID-19.

While the easing of restrictions allows for more people indoors, attendees are required to practice social distancing (1.5 metres apart).

Council chambers has limited seating capacity, large tables, and IT infrastructure that restricts the availability of appropriate space for members of the public to attend.

The only ways to increase the current room capacity would be to remove essential equipment, or remove Council officials from the meeting, which would adversely impact the ability to hold the meeting.

To allow for continued transparency, Council live-streams each meeting, which can be viewed any time after the meeting, and has invited members of the local media to attend.

An audio of the meeting will also be available on the Council website at the time the minutes are made available.

Announcement & Table of Contents

3.1 Mayoral Minute – Employee Recognition Awards 2020

5.1 Financial Report October 2020

5.2 Revised Budget 2020-2021

5.3 Capital Works Progress Report for the 1st Quarter 2020-2021

5.4 Contract 2021-036 Port Douglas Wastewater Treatment Plant UV Disinfection System

5.5 Contract 2021-008 – Parks Renewal Program 2020/21 – Playgrounds

5.6 Contract WO5243  – Junction Creek Cycleway Bridge Construction

5.7 Bridges Renewal Program Round 5 – Warners Bridge and Anichs Bridge

5.8 Request for Funding – Cape York Weekly

5.9 Port Douglas Sports Complex and Coronation Park Masterplan – Final plan

5.10 New Lease – Mossman Horse Riding Club Inc

9.1 Closed Session Table of Contents

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