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Council crews have been making the most of great weather in recent weeks working on a multitude of projects across the Shire.

Here’s a few of the major projects keeping Council outdoor crews busy:

Port Douglas

  • Drainage maintenance, Cemetery Creek
  • Rejuvenating four centre isle garden beds within Macrossan Street, located generally between Wharf Street and the Port Village Shopping Centre
  • Contractor to install to drink/water bottle refill stations in Market Park.
  • Installed signage to Four Mile and Little Cove ends of Flagstaff Hill Walking Trail.

Drainage maintenance at Cemetery Creek, Port Douglas


  • Replaced three old timber picnic tables at Newell Beach
  • Replaced swing set at Newell Beach.
  • Replaced old basketball tower at Cooya Beach.
  • Beaches Crew will be removing rubbish collected by Tangaroa Blue Foundation.
  • Graffiti removal in park areas
  • Pressure cleaning barbecues and surrounds.
  • Clean up of Wonga Community Park garden.
  • Mulching of gardens to commence from South Mossman heading north.
  • Staff removed 12 truckloads of palm fronds from beach esplanades.
  • A 2.1m high galvanised fence was erected around the perimeter of the pound to ensure that when animals are being transferred from vehicles to the holding pens, they cannot escape into the Mossman depot compound. The newly fenced area contains a grassed exercise pen, improving the standard of care for animals at the pound, whether for a short or long stay.
  • Project works have started on the installation of CCTV poles in the main street of Mossman with the foundation cages now installed.
  • Manholes throughout North Mossman are being sealed. This involves identifying, digging up sewer manholes and sealing sewer manholes as part of the sewer network renewal program for Wastewater.

Crews are working to remove graffiti from play equipment

Council has prepared large quantities of mulch which will be spread in parks & gardens across the Shire

Mulching of gardens to commence from South Mossman, heading North


Contractors are continuing to treat two creek systems in Tara Hill as part of the Hiptage eradication project. Over 350m of heavily infested areas have been treated with teams moving through faster than was anticipated.

Contractors are continuing to treat two creek systems in Tara Hill as part of the Hiptage eradication project

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