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Bigger and Better – Splash Park plans revealed

The highly-anticipated Splash Park at Port Douglas is a step closer. A 400m2 concept plan has been revealed for Jalunbu Park.

The Splash Park will be surrounded by picnic areas. A barbecue and car parking improvements will be included.

The construction of the Splash Park is estimated to cost $2.2m.

Construction is due to begin in November.

Fees and Charges freeze in 2024/25

Our community has been doing it tough in the aftermath of ex-Tropical Cyclone Jasper.

That’s why Council has put a freeze on most of the charges that directly impact on residents and businesses.

The charges which remain unchanged from last year include:

  • Animal registrations
  • Community hall and park hire
  • Planning, building and plumbing application fees
  • Search fees and water connection
  • Ferry passes
  • Port Douglas market fees
  • Approvals for businesses (food licences, outdoor dining, trade waste etc)

Head to 6.9 of the May 2024 Ordinary Council Meeting (OCM) agenda for all the details.

New faces to lead arts program

A new-look Regional Arts Development Fund (RADF) Advisory Committee will be tasked with awarding grants to emerging artists and those with a creative nature.

The appointment of Reuben Dwyer, Anastasia Klose, Tilly Melchert, Helen Ramoutsaki and Saisha Burchill Schonenberger was endorsed at the May OCM.

Mayor Lisa Scomazzon and Councillor Abigail Noli will also feature on the committee.

Round Two of the RADF grant program will open on Saturday 1 June.

Douglas to remain a Reef Guardian

Council will remain a part of the Reef Guardian Council Program until at least 2028.

Councillor Abigail Noli will represent Douglas Shire Council (DSC) on the program’s executive committee.

DSC has been part of the Reef Guardian Council Program since 2014.

Participating in the program has enabled Council to secure more than $900,000 in Australian Government funding to tackle illegal dumping, reduce water quality impacts and reduce its carbon footprint.

Diaries to improve Council transparency

The work diaries of the Mayor and CEO are now available for the community to view.

It’s part of Mayor Scomazzon’s commitment to improve Council transparency.

Read the OCM agenda for more details.

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