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Contractors are underway with the final phase of the Warner Street drainage upgrade in Port Douglas.

The project includes the construction of new stormwater drainage and pits, layback and barrier kerb and channel along the southern side of Warner Street.

In planning the drainage upgrade, Council has been cognisant of the value of the street’s rosewood trees and before commencing work, an arborist was commissioned to advise on what measures could be taken to minimise damage during construction.

The actions being taken include pruning dead wood from some trees to improve their stability and using a narrower kerbing machine to avoid damaging roots in the structural root zone.

Despite these efforts, four of the 27 trees will need to be removed. One tree is out of alignment to the other trees and is much closer to the kerb. Disturbing the structural root system is unavoidable, even with the narrower kerbing machine making it too much of a safety risk to remain.

The other three rosewood trees are located directly above where the new underground drainage will be installed.

The project team looked at various options to avoid removing the trees but there is simply no viable option which would allow the drainage system to work effectively.

The trees are due for removal Monday 16 October 2023.


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