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Biosecurity Queensland’s team from the National Electric Ant Eradication Program are currently undertaking survey activities on properties in Newell Beach and they are asking for the community’s support and assistance in finding this invasive pest ant.

Earlier in the year, electric ants were detected in green waste dropped off at the Newell Beach waste transfer station and the suburb wide survey is now being carried out to see if the source can be found and eradicated, keeping the community safe from this stinging, invasive ant.

The friendly team from the program will place lures (pieces of hot dog sausage) attached to a bamboo skewer marked with a pink flag at approximately 5-metre intervals around residents’ front and back yards. After one to two hours, the lures and flags will be collected with the ant samples taken away for analysis to see if any electric ants are present.

Residents will be notified if any electric crazy ants are found. The team plan to complete the survey activity within one week but this is subject to weather conditions and may run into the following week.

For further information please contact the National Electric Ant Eradication Program on 0436 685 989, email: or visit

Why do we need to find them?

Electric ants are one of the world’s worst invasive species and pose a serious threat to our outdoor lifestyle, our unique environment and our valuable agricultural and tourism industries.

  • Electric ants are one of the world’s worst invasive species and can inflict a painful, itchy, long lasting, venomous sting.
  • They displace our native insects and wildlife plus can blind domestic pets.

Electric ants have the potential to seriously damage our unique environment, the outdoor lifestyle we enjoy in Queensland, and our valuable farming and horticultural enterprises, which is why the Commonwealth, Queensland and other state and territory governments have been targeting this invasive pest species.

Your assistance is appreciated and is an important contribution towards eradicating this serious pest from Queensland.

If you require any further information regarding the electric ant biosecurity zone or any information contained in this email, please read the attached factsheets, contact Biosecurity Queensland on 13 25 23 or visit

Electric Ant bite

What happens at a yard check?

It is easy to unknowingly move them during everyday activities like garden maintenance and clearing or trimming back plants

Left unchecked, electric ants will steadily spread and are a serious threat to our outdoor lifestyle and our unique environment.

Everyone is being offered a FREE yard check and are encouraged to join in the ant hunt by registering for this free property check.

Contact Biosecurity Queensland on 13 25 23 or visit

The program’s field team will come and survey front and back yards for electric ants.

Checks are free, take just one hour and residents do not need to home so long as the team can access the property (no locked gates) and all pets are secured.

The more checks carried out, the better chance the chance of finding where the ants are.


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