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LOCAL artists will deliver a collection of powerful artwork for the 2021 Call of The Running Tide event thanks to Regional Arts Development Fund (RADF) funding.

Douglas Shire Council awarded almost $50,000 towards 12 local projects, including six which will be showcased at the environmental sculpture and multimedia festival in Port Douglas and Mossman from September 17 to 27 this year.

The other six successful projects range from book research to art workshops.

The Regional Arts Development Fund (RADF) is a Queensland Government and Local Government partnership to support local arts and culture in regional Queensland.

Grant applications are assessed by the RADF Committee which includes five members of the community with a strong interest in the arts.

RADF Committee Chair, Councillor Abigail Noli, said she was excited to see how the various projects progressed.

“This year’s applications were of a very high calibre, for a wide range of projects,” she said.

“Through this RADF grant program, Council are able to support emerging and established creatives in the Shire with funds to develop and produce new works.”

“The RADF program is also able to assist community art groups gain training, host workshops and build their capacity.”

“Upcoming art events in 2021 will be a great showcase for our local talent.”

The inaugural CoTRT was held for ten days at indoor and outdoor Port Douglas and Mossman sites in October 2019. Thirty artists supported and guided by an experienced curator, created spectacular and thought-provoking sculptures, multimedia art, night-time projections and installations that responded to the region’s unique environment.

The festival attracted 6,000 visitors and had widespread acclaim from the local community, intrastate, interstate and international visitors.

We’re looking forward to seeing an even bigger and better CoTRT in 2021’

A Full List of projects is below:

Local Artists and their Call Of The Running Tide projects:

  • Jill Chism – ‘Marine Flowering’ & ‘Can You See The Trees?’
  • Tim Ellis – ‘Melting Earth’
  • Victoria Park – ‘Alien Landscape’
  • Danielle Piat – ‘Microfibre Pollution’
  • Rosey Cummings – CoTRT Festival Marketing
  • Andrea Collisson – 2 x Artworks for CoTRT 21

Other successful artists and their projects:

  • Douglas Studio Arts Gallery (DAB) – Screen-printing Workshop
  • Mossman Support Services – Youth Music Enrichment – Music Lessons
  • Pamela Willis Burden – ‘Beneath Tropic Skies’ – Book Research
  • Chrissie McLaughlin – Art Event Hosting
  • Gail Shaw – Tropical Sketchfest Event, 2021
  • North Of The Daintree River Arts Society Inc – ‘Stop in the name of art’- Art Classes


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