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With social distancing restrictions in place, more people than usual are taking their daily exercise to the streets for walks around the community.

Council has recorded a notable increase in reported dog attacks over the past few weeks, resulting in a numerous dogs being declared as dangerous.

We’d like to encourage everyone to be a responsible pet owner and always:

  • Ensure your dog is on a leash at all times in public, unless in a designated leash free area
  • Even if you are in a leash-free zone, make sure you can control your dog with voice commands or other training (you and your dog may still be held responsible if an incident occurs)
  • Check fencing and enclosures at home and ensure that your dog cannot escape from your property.

Reporting a dog attack to Council

If you or your animal/s have been attacked by a dog, call Council immediately on 4099 9444. This is also our after hours emergency line.

The sooner we know about an incident the sooner we can secure the dog (if it is still out roaming) and gather evidence for a thorough investigation.

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