Mobile Food Vehicle Licence

Stage 1

Fit-out Application for your mobile vehicle – EHF1

Stage 2

Food Licence Application form – EHF2

Stage 3

Final Inspection

Mobile Food Vehicle Licence

If you are planning on preparing food inside a truck, vessel or other vehicle you may need a food business licence. To be eligible for a mobile food vehicle licence to sell food you must be able to conduct all food handling within a vehicle.

Stage 1

Fit-out Application for your mobile vehicle (EHF1)

Stage 1 – Prepare the Fit-out Application for your mobile vehicle (EHF1)

Complete the Fit-Out Application form EHF1 pay the applicable fee. When constructing a new mobile food premises, you must ensure that the design meets the requirements of the Food Safety Standards. Food safety begins at the earliest planning stages which is why it is important to get it right from the start.

Council will assess your kitchen fit-out design and provide you with advice on any additional requirements to ensure the fit- out complies with the food safety standards. Council will provide an approval with conditions which must be met prior to finalising the fit-out of your premises.

Stage 2

Food Licence Application form EHF2

Stage 2 – Food Business Licence

Complete the food Licence Application form EHF2 and pay applicable fee. Once you obtain your approval for Fit-Out of a premises, if you have not already done so, you must apply for a food business licence and nominate a Food Safety Supervisor with the appropriate qualifications (see information on Food Safety Supervisors).

Stage 3 – Final Inspection

A final inspection will be carried out by an Environmental Health Officer will advise of any outstanding requirements that need to be attended to prior to opening.

Council will organise a time with you to undertake a food safety inspection to determine the suitability of the premises.

If council determines that your application complies with the ​Food Act 2006 ​, you will be issued a food business licence certificate which will need to be displayed when you are operating.

The following are not eligible for a mobile food business licence:

  • hot dog cart
  • pizza oven on a box trailer
  • ice cream cart
  • vehicle where you stand outside to handle food

Mobile food vehicle licences are valid for all local government areas in Qld – Local Laws generally govern roadside vending operations and these may vary in each Local Government area.